Strengthening the Canine Human Relationship through Education
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May 7, 2015 is the 3rd annual Idaho Gives online fundraiser!

This is our major fundraiser for the year, so please support Helping Idaho Dogs by going to the Razoo website below and donating towards our training classes, therapy dog teams and educational events. You can also schedule your online donation ahead of time to be made on May 7th, or donate online during the 24 hours of giving!

Come visit our trainers and therapy dog teams at Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters at 298 N 8th St in downtown Boise on May 7th, between 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm. One of a kind, beautiful glass work created by a local artist will be available to purchase. All proceeds will go towards Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc. and we hope to see you there! Thank you for your ongoing support! Read more about Helping Idaho Dogs and Idaho Gives.

Join us on Facebook to learn about our latest events and to see what educational information we are sharing!

Helping Idaho Dogs has therapy dog teams and dog training opportunities! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Helping Idaho Dogs please send us an email at!! We look forward to working with you!

Want to know more about our Healing Paws Teams?!

The Healing Paws Program is dedicated to providing support and education to dog owners and their pet dogs so they can become successful volunteer therapy dog teams. Our therapy dog teams visit people out in the community, young and old alike, bringing unconditional love and comfort to people wherever they visit.

"Therapy dog" or "therapy pet" is a commonly used term and can refer to one or more categories where a pet dog (or other pet) helps people in different ways. At Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc., our therapy dogs fall under the category of  "Animal-Assisted Activities" therapy dogs. Read more here.

Does your dog have the potential to become a therapy dog? Select here for more information. Therapy dogs provide emotional support, ease stress and lift the spirits of people who are at a vulnerable time in their lives. Therapy dog teams visit people in many health care settings, crisis centers, mental health institutions, schools, libraries, private homes, and other locations. The opportunities are endless, and there are countless rewards for both the people being visited, and the therapy dog teams.

Learn more about our Healing Paws Program's therapy dog teams.

Your Amazing Response

Thank you to all of our supporters who help us every day. Remember, you are what makes Helping Idaho Dogs successful!

Thank you all!

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