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Our Volunteers

Our Mission Statement

Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc is dedicated to serving the community through pet-assisted therapy and improving the quality of the canine-human relationship through education.

Our Principles and Values

It is our belief that education and proper resources provide Idaho citizens the ability to make informed choices about their canine's life. Through therapy dog visits we bring comfort to Idahoans in need. We deliver educational opportunities to all social and economic groups within our community. Our events promote learning opportunities for our community. We provide humane education to children to develop safe, responsible, and compassionate relationships with canines.


To ensure continued success and longevity of Helping Idaho Dogs, our board of directors are committed to managing the finances of our non-profit organization ethically and responsibly. All of our volunteers respect and recognize each other's individuality and merits.


All of our volunteers are dedicated to expanding their knowledge and strengthening their understanding of the canine world.

2023 Board of Directors


Carole Kelly Executive Director Carole joined HIDi as Executive Director in January 2021. She has 30 years as a tester/observer, trainer, volunteer leader, and therapy team experience. **


Diana Ricks Assistant Director Diana and Kirby joined Helping Idaho Dogs in 2020. She has a background in pet therapy and organization. **


Michelle Morris Treasurer Michelle shown here with Chloe joined Helping Idaho Dogs in 2019 as Treasurer. She brings experience in bookkeeping and non-profit management. **


Bonnie Lind Secretary Bonnie shown here with her fourth therapy dog Bentley joined the Board as Secretary in November, 2022


** Dawn Justice Member at Large Dawn has a background in communications and education. **


Shannon Kessler Member at Large Shannon brings experience in hospice care and social services programs **

2023 Program Directors


Humane Education Dir. Carole Kelly is leading the HE Program. She is an experienced presenter with vast knowledge of canine behavior and responses. Her presentations are interactive and fun for all.


Therapy Dog Program Dir. Michelle Morris works with therapy dog teams to schedule them for regular visits in libraries, medical facilties, and care facilities of all types. She works with facilities to understand their needs.


Community Events Program Caitlin Reicks works with community events to schedule participation by our volunteers . For outside events we have a canopy tent when appropriate. She schedules sufficient volunteer participation for the event size and venue.


Community Events Pgm Assistant Director Shannon Kessler shown here with Dosi assist Caitlin with event planning and setup.

Meet Our Volunteers

Adam and Stanley

Adam Stanley_edited.jpg

Stanley was Standard Poodle who loved shaking hands and making new friends.


Adam and Stanley were  a certified pet therapy team  for many years.  Sadly Stanley passed away this year.  

Adam remains a a member of our organization publishing our newsletter.

Alayne and Hank


Hank is a labrador retriever.   He and Alayne and family works with horse and livestock owners teaching land management practices.

Alayne and Hank are a certified therapy dog team anxious to visit through out the Treasure Valley.

Aubrey and Wesley

Wesley was a cream Golden Retriever with a happy open face.  He recently passed and will greatly missed.

Aubrey and Wesley were a certified therapy dog team visiting at an area hospital.

Bonnie and Bentley



 Bentley is an English Mastiff who enjoys all his visits.  Bentley and Bonnie joined HIDI in January 2022 and have had lots of fun doing visits.  Bentley especially loves visits when there are kids!  He is Bonnie's 7th English Mastiff, the 4th therapy dog. 

Bonnie also serves as secretary of our Board of Directors.

Brenda and Posey

Cute Dog


 Coming soon!

Caitlin and Simon


Simon is a Goldendoodle who is mellow and calm in all circumstances but always ready to join the fun.

Caitlin  is the Community Events Program manager.  


Caitlin and Simon are a certified therapy dog team and enjoy participating in  Events.

Carol and Bernie

Bernie and Carol_edited.jpg

Bernie is  a Coton du Touleur.  The breed is intelligent and sensitive to the needs of people and is known for it's "soft as cotton" coat.


Carol and Bernie are a certified pet therapy team involved in Humane Education, reading programs at libraries, and always ready to lend a paw for community events.

Carole and Chaos


Carole is the Executive Director of Helping Idaho Dogs. 


She is an AKC approved Canine Good Citizen evaluator, Alliance of Therapy Dogs tester/observer, and long time dog  trainer and therapy dog handler.

She provides mentoring and guidance to the volunteers and organization.

Clare and  Dottie

Cute Dog


 Coming soon!

David and Martin


Martin is a 3 year old Bernedoodle and he is 95 bs. Martin likes going on hikes, swimming, running on the beach, and going to the dog park with his sister Lucy and his humans. 

David and Martin became a certified therapy dog team in 2022 and are eager to visit in hospitals and other opportunities.

Dawn and Holiday


  Dawn is shown here with her dog Holiday.  While Holiday decided she didn't want to be a therapy dog, Dawn is on the Board of HIDi and active in our Humane Education Program.

Dawn and Fen

Fen and Dawn_edited.jpg

Fen is a GoldenRetriever  who melts into your lap and makes you feel like you are the most special person in the world.


Dawn and Fen are a certified pet therapy team and enjoy visiting senior facilities and providing stress relief in both high schools and colleges.

Diana and Kirby


 Kirby is a Labradoodle

who quickly wins the hearts of everyone he meets.  

Diana is the Assistant Director of Helping Idaho Dogs.

Diana and Kirby are a certified

therapy dog team who visit regularly at hospitals, memory care, and many Community Events.

Ellen and Kalli


Kalli is a Golden Retriever with a sweet, loving  nature.  


Kalli recently passed away but spent her final year mentoring Ellen's new therapy dog in training, Cooper.   Cooper couldn't have a better role model.


Ellen and Kalli were a certified pet therapy team active in hospital visits and community events.

Jennifer and Codybear


 Cody is a Maltese-Shih Tzu mix that is a fully grown 10 pounds of love! He enjoys doing tricks and snuggling in for a love.

Jennifer and Cody are a certified pet therapy team active in listening to children read at schools and libraries, visiting hospice patients, memory care and several assisted living facilities.

Kate and Orri, Social Media Pgm

Cute Dog

(photo not available)

Kate supports the Facebook page for Helping Idaho Dogs.

She provides photos and support for events and fundraisers to help raise the visibility of our organization.

Kay and Jax

Jax is a sweet rescue who is so loving and happy, he found his calling as a therapy dog.

Kay and Jax are a certified therapy dog team and enjoy visiting throughout the Treasure Valley.

Kim and Petey and Charlie


Petey is a Springer Spaniel and Charlie is a Springer Doodle. While both love taking walks and chasing the ball their true, happy place is with their family and visiting people. 

 Kim and her dogs are certified pet therapy teams visiting in hospitals, assisted living, and libraries.  

 Kim is an Alliance of Therapy Dogs tester/observer.

Mary and Fallito

Falito and Mary.jpg

Falito is a Goldendoodle who got the height of a standard poodle. Falito enjoys meeting new friends young and old, people or puppies.

Mary and Falito are a certified therapy dog team who visits with Mary's co-workers, libraries, and  many community events.

Michelle and Becky and Chloe


Becky and Chloe are Newfoundlands.  These gentle giants fill Michelle's home and the hearts of everyone they meet with love and warmth.


Michelle and both dogs are certified pet therapy teams who enjoy hospital visits and reading at the library.  They are always a favorite at community events.

Michelle is our Board Treasurer and Therapy Dog Program Director coordinating visits at facilities wanting regular therapy dog visits.

Maya and Ellie

Cute Dog

Coming Soon!

Michael and Sophie


Sophie is a Golden Retriever and puts smiles on faces wherever she goes.

Mike and Sophie are a certified therapy dog team.  They will be visiting   at local facilities.


Nancy N and Matisse

Matisse and Nancy.jpg

Matisse is an Australian Labradoodle.  She had two litters of puppies before she joined Nancy in Boise and that may be why she is sooooo mellow. Or maybe, she’s mellow because of that “No worries, mate” attitude of her home country.

Nancy and Matisse are a certified pet therapy team visiting weekly in hospitals, senior living and participate in many community events.

Nancy E and Cooper

Cooper_Portrait 2021_edited_edited.jpg

Cooper E is a 4 year old golden retriever with a big smile, happy tail, and limitless energy.   He loves meeting new people and doing "zoomies" at top speed.

Cooper and Nancy are a certified therapy dog team and enjoy  visiting in schools, libraries, and memory care. 

Natalie and Ivy

Ivy is a ridiculously smart Goldendoodle who absolutely loves people especially kids.  She is a retired momma and is ready to spread her sunshine to the world:) 

If we can take a little bit of stress or sadness away from the people we see that is our goal!

Pam and Maks and Rambo


Both Maks and Rambo are rescue dogs. Rambo also competes in agility and performs at assisted living facilities as a dancing dog. Maks was seven years old when he joined Pam's family and has trained himself to do tricks by watching the other dogs. Maks is a reading dog at area libraries.

Pam and Maks and Pam and Rambo are certified therapy dog teams and are ready for new pet therapy opportunities.

Pat and Sage


Sage was a Golden Retriever who just retired from pet therapy and passed in 2022..

Pat and Sage were a certified pet therapy team and were active in reading programs at the library and volunteering at a local elementary school.    


Sandie and Sophie


Sophie is a Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix adopted from Boise Rescue.  She is friendly and loves meeting new people.

Sandie and Sophie are a certified therapy dog team who recently completed training.  They are looking forward to beginning therapy visits.

Sandra and Chase


Sandra is shown here with Chase.   Sandra andChase were a long time therapy dog team active in many special events and visits at an area in-patient program.

Chase passed away but Sandra remain an active volunteer with our organization.

Shannon and Dosi


Dosi is a Labrador Retriever and like most labs loves swimming.  She was adopted by Shannon's family who immediately recognized how sweet and loving this pup is! 

Shannon and Dosi are a ceretified

therapy dog team. Dosi often accompanies Shannon to work, and enjoy visits to behavioral health and participating in community events.

Shannon is an At-Large Board member and assistant coordinator for Community Events.

Susan and Ellie Mae

Cute Dog

  Coming Soon

Tammy and Shaggy Doo


Shaggy Doo is a 2 year old Pyredoodle. His favorite place to be is in the middle of people getting lots of love.


Tammy and Shaggy Doo are a certified therapy dog team with plans to work  with students of all ages and to  visit area hospitals.

Toni and Carly


Carly and Toni have been a therapy team through TDI since 2014 doing hospice visits and the reading program at the library. Carly absolutely loves children, and loves showing off her tricks for them. Toni and Carly recently moved to Idaho and were certified as an ATD therapy dog team.  They are looking forward to getting back into visits again.

Valerie and Penny


Penny and I recently moved to Boise and are loving our new community. Penny is an 8-year old labradoodle. We have done therapy dog visits together since she was 2-years old and are excited to continue doing so with HIDi. Our visits have included the reading program at the library, senior care facilities, an Adult with Disabilities class, school campuses, businesses, and special events. We are enjoying discovering new places in ID with Penny and her brother Bailey.

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