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Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc., a proud 501(c)3 nonprofit, is an all-volunteer organization that is passionate about dogs and giving back to our community. We accomplish our goals through our certified therapy dog teams and educational presentations to children and others in our community. Education provides people with the knowledge and tools they need to have a close, positive relationship with their dogs. 

Who are we and what exactly do we do? We are a small, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is all volunteer run. We have a total of 34 volunteers, and 25 of those volunteers serve as part of a therapy dog team. We have three main programs, a therapy dog program, a humane education program, and a community events program.

Without your generosity  we would not be able to continue serving our Treasure Valley community.

Our therapy dog program works to connect our certified therapy dog teams to locations requesting one time or recurring visits from therapy dogs. This allows us to bring mental and physical enrichment, along with the joy and comfort only our therapy dogs can bring. We provide mentoring, support, and encouragement to our certified therapy dog teams to keep them current with the latest knowledge and skills.

Our humane education program, geared towards children, provides education on how to safely interact with dogs, how to be a responsible pet owner, and how to interpret a dog’s body language, all of which leads to building relationships of love, trust and respect.


We also host and participate in community events, and we support our volunteers and community by providing canine related activities, education, and resources.

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