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Therapy Dog Program

Our motto is: "Healing Paws, Helping People"

Our program's goal is to provide ongoing support to our volunteer therapy dog teams so they can visit people throughout the community who will benefit from canine comfort and friendship. We do this by mentoring volunteers and their dogs, while providing the teams with the resources they need to succeed.

We strive to ensure that our therapy dogs enjoy visiting people, and that they are friendly, gentle and calm around people and other animals. Good manners, basic obedience skills, calmness and self-control around other animals or strangers, loud noises or unusual situations is required.

Our therapy dog teams are involved in many exciting activities throughout the community, visiting people or attending events bringing wagging tails and smiles wherever they go.


 Our therapy dog teams visit:

  • Libraries where the children read to our dogs building reading skills with some of the best listeners - DOGS! 

  • Students in schools - elementary, middle, or high schools and colleges or universities.

  • Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities

  • Hospice patients

  • Psychiatric facilities

  • Long-term and short-term medical facilities

  • Rehabilitation locations

  • Crisis centers

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