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Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to improving the human-canine relationship through our programs supporting the Treasure Valley area of southwest Idaho.  Our all-volunteer team of individuals and nationally certified therapy dog teams provide education, and comfort with ready smiles and wagging tails.

Our Programs

Humane Education Program

Helping Idaho Dogs provides

education on how to safely interact with dogs, be a responsible pet owner, and how to interpret a dog’s body language – building relationships of love, trust, and respect.  

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Therapy Dog Program

Helping Idaho Dogs provides resources and mentoring to support and encourage its certified therapy dog teams to succeed in sharing mental and physical enrichment, joy, and comfort to the community  and connecting them to facilities, events, and individuals requesting visits.

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Community Events

Helping Idaho Dogs hosts and participates in community events, and we support our community by providing canine-related activities, education, and resources.

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 This Month's favorite Paws Poses

    It's September 2022 and our pups are enjoying some cooler weather on their visits throughout the Treasure Valley. 


BSU welcomes our teams to visit the first Thursday of the month to bring a bit of pet love to campus.  These Paws  signs can be found around campus.


Doesn't Kirby's happy smile just make you feel better??   Patients and staff at St Alphonsus Hospital love their weekly visits with this happy, gentle therapy dog.


Dosi is picking out pumpkins for the  season.  She loves visiting with her handler Shannon and loves dressing up for Halloween.

Caught in the Act of "Bag Diving"

Bernie was caught by his handler Carol at a recent pet therapy visit.   Bernie and Carol were visiting a St. Alphonsus clinic in the Treasure Valley bringing pets and wags to patients and staff.    While taking a break, Bernie decided to check out the Therapy Dog bag of one of the other dogs...he checked first to see if Carol was watching and then went for a treat dive into Krby's therapy dog bag.


What an innocent face!