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Who We Are

Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the human-canine bond through our programs in the Treasure Valley area of southwest Idaho. Our entirely volunteer-based team, including nationally certified therapy dog teams, offers education, support, and comfort, always accompanied by friendly smiles and wagging tails.

We invite you to explore our mission, policies, and team details by following the link below to learn more...

Our Programs

Community Event depicted

Community Events

Helping Idaho Dogs hosts and participates in community events.   We support our community by providing therapy dog visits, education, and resources at  community events.

Humane Education Training at a school

Humane Education 

Helping Idaho Dogs provides age appropriate education on how to safely interact with dogs, be a responsible pet owner, and how to interpret a dog’s body language – building relationships of love, trust, and respect. 

Pet Therapy picture
Therapy Dog Visits

Helping Idaho Dogs  strives to connect our certified therapy dog teams to locations requesting one-time or recurring visits from therapy dogs to bring the mental and physical enrichment, joy, and comfort our therapy dog teams can bring. We provide  mentoring, support and encouragement to our certified therapy dog teams  to keep our teams current with the latest   certification skills.

June Activities

June  Visit Recap

Here's a recap of the types of visits our 

therapy dogs completed this month:

  • Community Events        -      4

  • Hospice/Memory Care  -     26

       & Senior Living​

  • Hospital Visits               -     18

  • Library Reading Pgm.   -       4

  • Mental Health & Other  -       4

  • School Visits                 -       7

  • Team Mtgs & Training.   -      1

Highlighting Therapy Dogs in Training

Each year, we face the bittersweet moment of saying goodbye to some of our beloved therapy dogs as they retire from their duties due to age or illness. These wonderful dogs have brought immense joy and comfort to countless people, and their contributions will always be cherished.


This month we are excited to introduce you to the future stars of our therapy dog program. It takes 1-2 years of dedicated training to hone the behavior and skills necessary for a dog to become a certified therapy dog. Here’s a look at some of the promising pups currently in training:

Tag-Along - Named after a Girl Scout Cookie, this eager pup is just starting her training but is catching on quickly. Shannon tells us she is always eager to visit and is showing great promise.

Duncan - A Golden Retriever who is learning the ropes from retired therapy dog Fen. Dawn tells us Duncan has passed his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and is practicing hard for pet therapy.


Gracie - Gracie is practicing her therapy skills with Clare. Despite Clare’s recent injury, Gracie is eagerly honing her abilities, with Clare’s other therapy dog, Dottie, keeping Gracie in line.

Bode - A nearly two-year-old Landseer Newfoundland. Michelle will soon certify with him as a therapy dog team.

Tootie - A standard Poodle who has completed her CGC and continues to train with Adam for pet therapy. She loves people and has a great personality.

These dogs are in various stages of their training, working hard to develop the skills needed to provide therapeutic support and comfort to those in need. We look forward to the day when they join our ranks and continue the legacy of their predecessors.Stay tuned for more updates on their progress and join us in cheering them on as they embark on this journey to become certified therapy dogs!

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