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Who We Are

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Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to improving the human-canine relationship through our programs supporting the Treasure Valley area of southwest Idaho.  Our all-volunteer team of individuals and nationally certified therapy dog teams provide education, support, and comfort with ready smiles and wagging tails.

Idaho Gives 2024


Please consider a donation to Helping Idaho Dogs, Inc. during Idaho Gives.   Any funds received will be used for general administrative expenses including shirts and supplies for our pet therapy teams and brochures and hand-outs for events.

Our Programs

Community Events

Helping Idaho Dogs hosts and participates in community events.   We support our community by providing therapy dog visits, education, and resources at  community events.

Humane Education 

Helping Idaho Dogs provides age appropriate education on how to safely interact with dogs, be a responsible pet owner, and how to interpret a dog’s body language – building relationships of love, trust, and respect. 

Therapy Dog Visits

Helping Idaho Dogs  strives to connect our certified therapy dog teams to locations requesting one-time or recurring visits from therapy dogs to bring the mental and physical enrichment, joy, and comfort our therapy dog teams can bring. We provide  mentoring, support and encouragement to our certified therapy dog teams  to keep our teams current with the latest   certification skills.

Some of our Favorite Poses

Maks_BSU Poster_202303_edited.jpg

Maks poses in front of a BSU  sidewalk board to invite students to the monthly "First Thursday" event where therapy dogs are available for endless pets and cuddles to students and staff.

We are so proud of Maks and our other dogs who visit each month to provide students a touch of love from our special dogs.

Our teams provided pets and loves to students after a Humane Education presentation at Mann Elementary.

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