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Humane Education Program


 Our age-appropriate presentations encourage pet owners and families to build a positive, happy relationship with their  pet dogs by understanding a dog's needs and the correct way to  safely approach a strange dog.  

Our  presenters pair up with our therapy dog teams and work together to provide education for children in schools,  libraries, or at community events.

During the 45 minute presentation, we discuss how to:

  • understand and care for a pet dog  

  • recognize a dog's body language

  • how to approach a stranger's dog for petting


Children are encouraged to practice what they have learned in a safe environment, using our therapy dog teams. 

Presentation Interactions

Our Human Education team was invited back to Cynthia Mann Elementary to present their Humane Education program to students in grades k-6.  The sessions were tailored for each grade level to include activities and learning appropriate to the students' ages.

Humane Ed Presentation_202307.jpeg

Children hear a basic presentation about dog

  • need for water, food, exercise, and care

  • body language communicating how they feel

  • safety when approaching a stranger's dog

Learning about Timber and  her life.

Meeting Max and Kirby.

Feeling Simon's soft fur.

Martin meets a new friend.

Cooper gets a pet while hearing about a student's own dog - we answer questions, encourage good habits.

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